SR Fashion Design BD is working as a buying house in the field of garments industry. In brief, some of our activities involve sourcing of raw materials both from abroad and locally, quality control of raw materials and garments and ensuring competitive prices. Since inception SR Fashion Design BD has been growing up day by day as a leading buying and sourcing house in the readymade garments industry in Bangladesh. At SR Fashion Design BD, our policy has been built up to fulfill customer satisfaction with the finest quality products and services. At the same time we also give high emphasis on ethical and social responsibilities, strong time management, determination, ownership & teamwork, transparency, reliable service, communication and commitment.

Marketing  and Merchandising team takes the whole responsibility to make communication with buyers. They are the first point of contact for any buyer or any third party regarding any sort of queries. They are responsible for taking product specification, specimen, design, outlay, fabric types, print, embroidery, wash, color and other related things. Based on buyers given information they discuss all these matter with sampling team. marketing and merchandising team is also responsible to quote & negotiate the price with buyers.

Our expert and  experienced Sampling team is fully responsible for making sample from our nominated factory according to buyer requirements and specifications. During the sampling time our merchandising team always keeps close contact and exchange information with the sampling team and also with the factory to make sure the finest quality of the product is maintained.

Our highly skilled production & Quality Control team takes charge of the process after all sampling and pre-production activity has completed and order has been placed in factory successfully. With a dedicated and hardworking team of QC personnel, production is diligently checked daily at the manufacture’s premises to ensure complete conformance of standards and requirements. During the production time our production team member visit factories regularly in order to verify the production quantity and compare those with the target figures in order to ensure the deadline. Our production  team works closely with buyers in their needs to move in or move out deliveries based on their demand for the related retail market Once production is complete according to buyers exact specification and goods are ready as per buyers shipping mark our Commercial and Accounts team take rest of the responsibility with full coordination of the merchandise team to make sure the on-time delivery, invoice raised and payment has processed. Efficient merchandising, everyday, quality inspection, analyzing reports of Production & Quality check and competitive price give us a extra strength and challenge to meet the excellence of quality of the finished products of our buyers.

Quality Assurance

Alike the merchandising team, each customer is also provided with selected and separate production team (quality controllers). These teams, along with the merchandising team perform quality check on the merchandise during production. Workmanship and other standards such as rubbing test, shrinkage test, color fastness etc are constantly checked, recorded and analyzed. Immediate corrective measures are taken if any deviations are found. Internationally certified tests such as SGS, BV can also be provided depending on
customer’s requirement. Due to such strict and rigorous quality checks our products can be offered for any third party inspection.

Mission & Vision

Be a driving force in the global market of garments by endorsing the advanced environment support technologies, to be followed by us and our vendors. Create an atmosphere for the readymade garments users, where people can use the product safely, comfortably, and take pleasure in having one such. Promote the garment products globally in a way that our vendors can have more patrons of their products. Be an organization that will be trusted and respected by all vendors, patrons, end users alike, in all our activities.